Top Nonprofit Female Leaders


Nearly 75% of all nonprofit employees are female — yet just over a fifth of large nonprofit CEOs are female and female nonprofit employees make 66% of what their male counterparts take home, ac­cording to statistics published by DRG Search.

We still have a long way to go when it comes to gender parity in the nonprofit sector, but it is possible to close this gap in the coming years by recognizing a lack of gender equity where it exists and then properly recognizing female talent similarly.

Women in Business chooses to recognize the female nonprofit talent and leadership throughout our 23-county region with our inaugural Top 20 Female Nonprofit Leaders list. These changemakers in central Pennsylvania were handpicked by our editorial team with careful consideration. Their causes represent a range of communities and demographics in the region, as well as a range of issues facing our state.

We encourage you to read their stories and hear their cases, how they’ve impacted the lives around them and the bright futures of Pennsylvanians. Maybe you’ll be moved to get involved with a local nonprofit in your neck of the woods or perhaps you’ll decide to make a donation to a worthy cause. Most of all, though, we hope you join us in our celebration of the women who are leading regional nonprofits to great success.