2020-02-28 E-Edition

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Pennsylvania Business Central is proud to recognize the Top 100 Organi­zations for 2020. After receiving a long list of nominees from throughout our 23-county readership, these organiza­tions were selected by an editorial com­mittee due to their positive impacts in the business community of central Penn­sylvania. Many of our nominations flow in from our three publications, Pennsyl­vania Business Central, Women in […]

Banks are Stronger Today than in the Past 10 Years, but Challenges Remain

Banks are finally out from under the dark cloud that stifled their growth during the financial crisis and the slow recovery that followed. The overburdensome regu­lations of Dodd-Frank that complicated mortgage lending and increased costs due to hiring regulatory compliance officers have also eased for community and re­gional banks. However, challenges remain. Since 2001, a mass wave of consolida­tion has […]

Cyber Security for Banks – A Shifting Landscape

One of management’s worst nightmares is receiving a ransomware message that says the company’s computer system has been locked, and they need to pay the cybercriminals thousands of dollars in Bitcoin to release the computers and un­encrypt the company’s files. Oftentimes cyber thieves hack into the computer sys­tem in a “spear-fishing” scam in which em­ployees receive a fake email that […]

M&T Bank Receives National Recognition for Trust and Satisfaction in Business Customer Service

(AP) Greenwich Associates has recog­nized M&T Bank with 13 regional and na­tional Greenwich Excellence Awards and two Greenwich Best Brand Awards for small business and middle market banking. “The businesses we serve are providing products and services, hiring employees and investing in plants and equipment in our communities, and it is our job is to help those businesses grow and […]

A Case for Leadership

How Organizations Become Great

Congratulations to those considered for this year’s 100 Best Organizations! Great organizations do not “just happen”. Their success is not due to luck. The common denom­inator among great or­ganizations: Great lead­ership year after year. The path forward for all organizations, whether you believe your organization is: 1) Stuck on the ground, or 2) Doing ok but could do better, or […]

How Banks are Motivating Customers to Save Up for Big Purchases

(AP) Just as we fill up on empty calo­ries throughout the day, we load our shopping carts full of useless junk. Some days, to be sure, we do better than others. But what if a savings tool could keep our head in the game – and our money in our bank accounts – just a bit longer? The overall theory: […]

Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and its affiliates, Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC) and the CTC Foundation, collaborate to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. Each entity contributes its own unique strengths, and by working together, we ensure our overall vision to develop comprehensive solutions that make the world safer and more productive. CTC’s core business areas include advanced manufacturing […]

Mutual Benefit Group


In 1908, 14 men whose businesses were flourishing in the railroad/oil industry boomtown of Corry, Pennsylvania, pooled their financial resources to protect their interests. They formed Corry Mutual Fire Insurance Company, which was eventually acquired by Huntingdon insurance entrepreneur W. Emmert Swigart. He renamed the company Mutual Benefit. Today, Mutual Benefit Group employs 155 people and serves 70,000 policyholders in […]

Evangelical Community Hospital


Established nearly a century ago as an infirmary in a local home for the aged and orphaned, Evangelical Community Hospital has continuously grown and evolved to meet the health and wellness needs of the surrounding communities. Its dedicated and skilled Medical Staff, along with more than 1,900 clinical and support profes­sionals, provide personalized, affordable care in the safest possible environment. […]