2019-09-27 E-Edition

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The State of Manufacturing

A Q&A with Dave Taylor, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association

Mention the word “manufacturing” to someone, and they are likely to picture a worker in fire-resistant overalls and a hardhat tipping a fiery caldron of liquid metal into a mold or perhaps rows and rows of women sitting at sewing ma­chines making dresses. The antiquated image of manufacturing as being dark, dirty and dangerous or women do­ing piece work is […]

Coming changes to state and federal employment laws


One of the biggest pocketbook issues for employers next year will be changes to the federal over­time rule. Currently, a salaried employee must earn at least $455 per week, which amounts to $23,660 per year, to be paid overtime. The U.S. De­partment of Labor has proposed rais­ing this threshold to $679 per week, or $35,308 per year, starting in 2020. […]

How Small Businesses Can Avoid Common Legal Issues

Operating a small business is a challenge in itself – the last thing the small business owners needs is the burden of crippling, and often unnecessary, litigation. Unfor­tunately in contemporary America, legal headaches are all too common and can se­verely impact your business’ bottom line. Maany times, these costly and damaging suits can be avoided by good management practices. Here […]

What Pennsylvania Employers Need to Know about Immigration LawsLAW

When we think of the impact of im­migration law on employers, we tend to think of the southern border and ma­jor metropolitan cities. But employers, even in rural areas, need to be aware of the impact violating such laws could have on their company, especially in businesses with a possible high percent­age of transient workers, such as agri­culture and construction. […]

New PA Laws That Could Change Your LifeLAW

Every year the Pennsylvania Legis­lature passes a multitude of new laws. Just how many are familiar to the aver­age Pennsylvanian? There may be some that could impact your life in a big way. Here’s a selected list of new laws enact­ed this year in Pennsylvania and how they could effect your life. Stricter penalties for DUIs A new law now […]

Lawmakers Return to Governor’s Fall ‘Conversation Openers’

(AP) Gov. Tom Wolf busied himself in the quiet Capitol over the summer with plans that didn’t in­volve lawmakers: a way to finance new voting machines, new char­ter school regulations to write, gun violence prevention programs to create and more. With lawmakers re­turning to Harrisburg from a nearly three- month break this past week, Wolf called those moves “conversation openers” […]

Can You Trust Online Legal Services?

(AP) Consumers are showing a grow­ing interest in using websites for cer­tain legal services, but the experience has been bumpy. Complaints around such services have risen 91 over the past year, according to an analysis pre­pared by SiteJabber.com, which lets consumers discuss and rate their on­line experiences. Among the legal issues people are routinely dealing with online: wills, patents, apartment […]

10 Fascinating Things Manufactured in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is famous for its steel manufacturing, coal mining and of course, Hershey’s Chocolates, but there is a wide and fascinating diversity of manufacturing in the commonwealth. In addition to regional specialties, Pennsylvania is the largest producer of pretzels and sausage in the country. While the future of Pennsylvania manufacturing is bright (see story on page ) and new manufacturing […]

Sensing the Future

Sensor Networks is Expanding Locally and Internationally

Surrounded by thick woodland, lush farms and rolling ridges, State College and the nearby towns in the Centre Re­gion have become a magnet for high-tech manufacturers, not only because of the beauty of the region but also due to hun­dreds of thousands of dollars in Keystone Innovation Zone tax credits, the cross­roads between I-80 and 1-90, the Univer­sity Park Airport, […]