2019-05-31 E-Edition

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Are happy days here again for banking in Pennsylvania?

Brick-and-mortar banks take on the fintechs

After eight years of near zero interest rates, sluggish deposits and slow loan growth, bankers are upbeat. The funda­mentals of the economy are strong, the regulatory environment is more favora­ble and transformative banking technol­ogies are better and more economical than ever. With bank revenues soaring, it’s a seller’s market, so mergers and acquisitions are happening everywhere in our region, but […]

The Future of Financial Planning: Where the Past and Present Meet

Financial planning continues to evolve, according to one Pennsylvania money man, and it’s not just about having a sexy portfolio anymore.

Between financial planning software and humankind’s behaviors toward money and the family dynamic, the industry has changed for the better, according to Mark Fried, president of TFG Wealth Management in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and author of Road Rules for Retirement: Set Your Destination, Enjoy the Journey. In an interview with Pennsylvania Business Central, the certified financial planner, who has been advising […]

Recession-Proof Your Finances

They say what goes up must come down and, within the next year or two, we may see the upward trending economy tick downward

It’s been a decade since the last recession and economic forecasters are calling for an­other within the next year or two. With another recession on the hori­zon, many business owners and C-suite executives are wondering what they can do to recession-proof their business’ finances. As with a hurricane, there is no way to prevent a recession from hitting, but there […]

A New Hometown Bank for Central Pennsylvanians

Centre 1st Bank prides itself on its local ownership and commitment, its common-sense banking environment and its personalized customer service

Centre 1st Bank hosted its grand opening May 8, 2019. After just over a month in business, the bank’s trajectory aims at a bright future. Where it all Began In 2015, Old Dominion National Bank was under se­vere restrictions from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency; it had not been profitable in its nearly 10 years in business. […]

Affording Care for Your Aging Parents

It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming, complicated process

America’s population of older adults — age 65 and over — has increased by 33% over the past decade, and is pro­jected to almost double in the next 40 years (2017 Profile of Older Ameri­cans, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Chances are their adult children will, at some point, face the prospect of choosing some kind of care […]

How to Strengthen Recruiting to Prevent Ghosted Interviews

Low unemployment rates can spell extra expenses for small and medium-sized businesses

With unemployment rates at historic lows across the country, job applicants often find themselves presented with a broader variety of career options. This increase in choices may cause applicants to be more selective about the interviews they choose to accept. Some may even be more inclined to ghost potential employ­ers, meaning they skip scheduled inter­views without giving recruiters or man­agers […]

Husband-Wife team develop brain health supplement

New Florence native tackles cognitive impairments with new startup

For Tessa and Jordan Balencic, DO, the drive to develop safe, evidence-based sup­plements that support brain health and healthy aging is personal. Each of the co- founders of ERApeutics® has a grandpar­ent with incurable cognitive disorders: Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Their company’s first product helps people im­prove mental clarity. “Each of us has a grandparent who is dealing with a […]

The expansion of State College and other towns in Centre County is “terrific news” for business

Spotlight on Centre County

Centre County is grow­ing. The county experi­enced a 5.6% growth in population between 2010 and 2017, and is second only to Cumberland Coun­ty as the fastest growing county in the state, according to the Pennsylvania State Data Center. The urbanization of State College, which is the largest designated borough in Pennsylvania, is becoming apparent as high-rise after high-rise is erected […]