Paula Eppley-Newman



Executive Director

Beginnings, Inc.

Paula’s career and volunteerism in nonprofit leadership is all about passion. Passion for people, passion for the mission and passion for the community. Without passion, it’s “just another job”. As the Executive Director of Beginnings, Inc. for the last 14 years, she found that passion. Helping to strengthen families and reduce child abuse in our community is just part of it. Encouraging young leaders in the agency to grow and blossom in their positions is the other.

She also utilizes her educational background in Human Resources, Organizational Leadership and Nonprofit Leadership as a volunteer, nurturing a new NPO called Trinity Farms Center for Healing, a completely volunteer driven organization that provides opportunities for families in recovery and children with special needs, or just anyone in need of some peace and healing to interact with goats while finding nurturing support from their volunteers.

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