Centre Volunteers in Medicine Serving the medically underserved in Centre County



At Centre Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM), we value human dignity and access to quality, compassionate health care for all. We do this in a culturally competent manner, and through our mis­sion and programs help to eliminate the barriers to health equity.

At CVIM, we provide free quality health­care to those living or working in Centre County without insurance. In February 2001, Rev. Joe Faulkner and concerned citizens came together to help those with healthcare needs in Centre County, which led to CVIM becoming a nonprofit organization on June 12, 2001.

By February 2003, CVIM was physically located on Easterly Parkway and began accepting patients. Our mobile dental program began that year, and we created a permanent dental clinic in April 2005. Due to the increased need for services, CVIM moved to Green Tech Drive in State College in 2008 to serve more patients.

Currently, CVIM continues to provide medical and dental care at no cost to our patients. Our services have broadened to offer behavioral health, case manage­ment, breast health screenings, and pre­scriptions services to our patients. We have outgrown our facility and we are currently raising funds for our new facil­ity on Sandy Drive.



Services Provided

CVIM has provided over 38,000 vaccines to anyone who needed one throughout the pandemic. However, many vaccine clinic attendees may be surprised that we offer so much more! Centre Volun­teers in Medicine is considered a “medi­cal home” for the uninsured living or working in Centre County. Our patients receive quality health care, dental care, behavioral health, and prescription ser­vices at no cost.

Volunteer Information

The volunteers at CVIM are the heart of all we do; they provide expertise talent in all clinic areas. Our generous healthcare volunteers donate their time so that we can stretch a $1 donation into $3 of care to our patients.

We welcome you to join us in our mis­sion of serving others! If you are inter­ested in helping, please contact CVIM at cvim@cvim.net. We welcome your help at the clinic and our vaccine clinics, as many hands make the work light. If you have a heart for helping others, please reach out!

Investment Information

CVIM relies on gifts from individual and corporate donations to provide free quality healthcare. We also apply for grants and host annual flagship events. This year, the impact of COVID and stag­flation have caused an increased need for our services. We invite you all to join us in our mission of serving others in our community by donating on our website www.cvim.net or sending a check to 2520 Green Tech Drive Suite D, State Col­lege, PA 16803

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