How the Access-to-Justice Crisis Affects Small Business Owners

The right legal skirmish could spell disaster; regional experts weigh in

The statistics are stark and sobering: Tens of millions of Americans, including millions of small-business owners, lack affordable access to legal aid. Approximately 80 percent of the United States’ 23 million sole proprietorships — the most common type of small business in the country — make less than $50,000 a year. From 2016 to 2017, 71 percent of low-income households, […]

Married couples may want to review their estate plan under the new tax law

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCAJA) was signed into law Dec. 22, 2017. Most people realize that it’s the most comprehensive tax reform since Tax Reform Act of 1986. However, it’s not just your income tax return that’s affected. Your estate plan may also be greatly impacted. The exclusion amount for what is taxed by the federal government has […]

Proposal would change way judges are elected to Pennsylvania’s highest courts

Supporters of a Republican proposal to create judicial districts for Pennsylvania’s highest courts say it would ensure all areas of the state are represented on the benches and reduce the impact of money and special interests on the judiciary. Detractors call the proposal retaliation for the state Supreme Court’s January ruling that the congressional district map drawn in 2011 was […]

TCJA creates a more complicated tax code

While President Trump didn’t realize that health care was so complicated, he did realize that the U.S. tax code was, and he wanted Congress to simplify it through tax reform legislation. House Speaker Paul Ryan agreed with Trump, and said, “Our tax system should be simple, fair, and promote economic growth.” Ryan also called the U.S. tax code “notoriously complex, […]

Central Pennsylvania’s Trade Schools and Career Education Resources

A comprehensive guide to the trade schools and career education resources across the Pennsylvania Business Central 23-county readership

American culture has always told young students that in order to be successful, make money and have a career, they must go to college and get a Bachelor’s degree. However, with the increasing cost of a four- year degree and a record high unemployment rate, attending a trade school makes for an appealing alternative. Americans currently owe over $1.4 trillion […]

The Salon Professional Academy

The Salon Professional Academy teaches its students the necessary technical skills, as well as business, marketing and guest handling tools, which better prepares them for a career after graduation. This approach reduces or eliminates the necessity for an “apprentice” period in salons and can provide a competitive advantage for grads in the marketplace. The success of this program has grown […]

Advance Academy Online

Advance Academy Online provides Pennsylvania real estate education in both the classroom and online. Experienced instructors offer continuing education, broker courses and pre-license real estate courses. Advance Academy better prepares its customers for the world of real estate.

Steel Center for Career and Technical Education

Steel Center for Career and Technical Education serves as a bridge between public education and the workforce. Steel Center helps to meet critical workforce needs within the communities of Southern Allegheny County. Through a highly dedicated and well-trained staff and outstanding facilities, Steel Center provides a wide range of viable career pathways for its college and career-ready students.

Laurel Highlands Therapeutic Academy

Laurel Highlands Therapeutic Academy has been training Pennsylvania massage therapists for nearly 15 years with a goal to assist students individually to help them develop their skills and explore the many career options open to them. To do this, the academy’s therapeutic massage program enrolls only 14 students every year to give each student the attention they deserve. For students […]

Central Susquehanna LPN Career Center

Central Susquehanna LPN Career Center has been making a difference in healthcare for over 50 years. Its programs have guided many men and women to careers in healthcare as licensed practical nurses, and many graduates continue their education and become registered nurses. Grads have made a significant impact in the healthcare delivery system and the lives of those they care […]