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2018-02-23 / People

BCDA announces new members and officers to its Board of Directors

O’Rear O’Rear BEDFORD, Pa. — The Bedford County Development Association proudly announces the new members and officers of its Board of Directors for 2018.

JP H. Tambourine, manager of economic development for FirstEnergy, will serve as chair of the board for 2018.

“BCDA has created, and embraced, a vision for the organization that makes sense for the long haul,” Tambourine said. “I tend to think more of the short-term needs.”

Tambourine outlined his goals for BCDA in 2018.

“We need to meet the needs of our existing employers,” he began. “We need to be supportive of education and workforce development efforts and be prepared to handle prospects who are considering a move into Bedford County.”

The new board chair would like to see BCDA accomplish four main goals: market properties owned and managed by BCDA; expand healthcare opportunities; evaluate county market conditions and real estate needs; and, continue to develop the entrepreneurial culture.

Pachtman Pachtman “To achieve success requires collaboration and cooperation among many groups in a timely fashion,” said Tambourine. “This can only be done when all parties understand the impact of economic development projects. It’s incumbent on BCDA to convey the facts of our efforts.”

According to Tambourine, Bedford County has many strengths including: workforce, proximity to major markets, major interstate access, educational institutions, cooperative community, regional, and state relationships and a beautiful and safe county.

To call 2018 a success, Tambourine said, “We need to meet our goals while maintaining and strengthening our community, regional and state relationships.”

Meck Meck Joining the Board for the new term are Marcia O’Rear, owner of StelTek Graphics; Brian Pachtman, vice president of Reed, Wertz and Roadman; and Lester Meck, retired educator and president of Saxton Borough Council.

“I am delighted to be back on the BCDA Board,” said O’Rear. “It feels like being home again.” O’Rear’s vision for BCDA has always been the continuous improvement of the quality of life in Bedford County by encouraging economic development.

“New growth and sustaining our current world-class companies are vitally important,” she said. “Also, we must preserve the wonderful natural resources and history we have in our county. Our outstanding workforce and their families and future residents deserve the best we have to offer. I would love to be a part of the team that brings in new business through the sale of the large pad-ready site in Bedford County Business Park II.”

O’Rear shares Tambourine’s emphasis on effective communication.

“It is intrinsically important that we clarify our work to the community on regular basis,” she explained. “I think we do a great job at it. But there are hundreds of complicated details and intricacies in economic development and it is a constant challenge to communicate it all to the community. Economic development projects are filled with countless hours full of nerve-wracking details and sleepless nights.”

Brian Pachtman, vice president of Reed, Wertz and Roadman brings the experience of a diverse professional career to the board. Pachtman began his career in sales in San Francisco followed by nearly five years with Backroads, a boutique travel company. Offering high end travel opportunities, Backroads enabled Pachtman to visit over 30 countries with main postings in Hawaii and Switzerland. He trained employees, designed new adventure travel trips and oversaw the quality of customer experience.

Pachtman has an MBA from Babson College in Boston, with a focus on finance and entrepreneurship. A summer internship included work as a finance associate in Hong Kong. After completing his Master’s degree, Pachtman opened Ruya Sports in Boulder, CO where he obtained experience as an entrepreneur growing a successful business.

“BCDA brings together government, business and the general community in a positive way and I want to help continue this,” he said. “Personally, I would love to help in facilitating bringing in another large company to Bedford County.”

“Bedford County has some of the hardest working people I have ever witnessed,” said Pachtman. “The quality of the workforce is the envy of many communities.”

To truly address the economic needs of Bedford County, Pachtman feels BCDA must not overlook the quality of life that exists there. “Jobs play a major role, of course, but parks and recreation, community events, entrepreneurship incentives all must be combined to increase the draw of Bedford County as a whole,” Pachtman explained.

For Lester Meck, the work of BCDA should be focused on recruiting and growing businesses in Bedford County. “We need to continue to develop our workforce so that we can offer businesses an educated, dependable and productive workforce,” he said.

Meck speaks with passion when outlining his goals for BCDA. “We desperately need to resolve the loss of our workers to neighboring counties. Failure to do so will surely decrease the availability of these workers over time and hinder efforts to attract businesses and industries to Bedford County,” Meck explained.

Meck is hoping to help secure licensing for Green Leaf Medical in the former Seton location in Saxton. For Meck, growth from economic development can only occur when Bedford County can match qualified workers and training opportunities with new and existing businesses. “My vision of success relies heavily on providing a skilled and trained workforce,” he said. “We also need community buy-in.”

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