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2017-09-22 / News

Both family-owned and large-scale distribution companies continue to grow

Regional Business Analyst

The McCabe Group, Inc., a family- owned company that specializes in warehousing, handling, and distribution of products through its 300,000 square-foot warehouse in Claysburg, Pa, Blair County, will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. Jackie McCabe- Neville, company controller, jokes that her father, Paul, now 82, made the ultimate plan to keep his children together by having them work for the family business and then take it over after he retired.

McCabe-Neville, now 50, is the “baby” of the family. Her brothers, Paul and Chris, and her sister, Mary Lou, also work at the family business, as did her other sister, Georgia, who passed away at age 47.

“Most adult siblings are busy with their own families and see each other on holidays, but we work together every day, and I think that close relationship and our dedication to our family’s legacy is a large part of the company’s success,” said McCabe-Neville.

“For example, my brother lives next store, and many times he’s gotten out of bed and delivered a hot truckload within our 50-mile service area.”

In addition to the company’s five local trucks, McCabe Trucking’s tractor- trailers deliver a variety of products across the country. This year, McCabe has been shipping a new product – selfie sticks.

“Other than refrigerated goods, we’ll ship just about anything,” said McCabe- Neville.

“Our rates are among the best in the state, and we’re just happy to have the customers we do.

“Although the national economy has recovered, the recession took longer to hit Blair County than other parts of the state, and we’re just starting to bounce back.”

The company had to lay off one of its 26 employees, but with a new customer coming in and two other prospects in the wings, McCabe-Neville is hoping that she will be able to recover that position and add new hires.

The Ambridge Regional Distribution & Manufacturing Center (ARC) in Ambridge, Pa., has a footprint of 85 acres and 22 buildings, totaling 1.2 million square feet of under roof, industrial, warehouse and flex space.

The industrial park is located off Route 65, less than eight miles from both Interstate 79 and the Pittsburgh International Airport, and 16 miles from downtown Pittsburgh. It is also close to the Norfolk Southern Railroad at Conway Yard, and the Ohio River.

The tenants include R&A Transportation, a cargo and freight company, USNR Coal Sales, and ARC’s own on-site public warehouse, the Con- Am Warehouse.

Currently, the center has 10 acres of pad-ready space available and several of the 22 buildings are vacant and ready for occupancy. Most of the buildings have ceiling heights of more than 25 feet and column widths that exceed the minimum standards for warehousing and distribution companies.

‘We’re happy to report that our tenants survived the downturn, and in most instances, they’re experiencing an uptick in business growth,” said Erica Loftus, owner of Nala Marketing and former marketing and PR manager for Ambridge.

“Those companies that were impacted are well back into recovery mode.”

The industrial park, owned by Value Ambridge Associates L.P., has multiple spaces served by Norfolk Southern Railroad and is also crane- served and customer-served with onsite management. The owners are hoping that the president’s proposed infrastructure program will provide PennDOT with funds to upgrade bridges crossing the Ohio River, and the many other rivers throughout Pennsylvania, so that weight restrictions can be lifted and detours will not add miles to distribution routes.

The industrial park is only 11 miles from the site of the future Royal Dutch Shell Ethane Cracker Plant.

“We currently have a plastics manufacturer on our property that has been a tenant for 28 years,” said Loftus.

“Our hopes are that we attract more manufacturers and distributors that will use the feedstocks coming out of the cracker plant.

“Currently, we host several companies that are part of the plant’s construction phase and are serving these companies through our own on-site public warehouse, the Con-Am Warehouse.” .

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