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2017-06-02 / Energy Updates

Three winners announced at Shale Gas Innovation contest

PITTSBURGH, PA (AP) – On May 9, 2017, at the Final’s Event for the Sixth Annual Shale Gas Innovation Contest, three Pennsylvania-based natural gas tech companies each walked away with a winner’s check for $20,000.

Frontier Natural Resources, Inc. commercialized the first small scale natural gas liquefaction facility in Pennsylvania utilizing natural gas from an adjacent gathering and compression facility. The second site under development uses stranded natural gas which opens opportunities across the state and nation.

PetroMar Technologies, Inc. commercializing FracView, a low-cost LWD borehole imaging tool utilizing advanced, dynamically-focused acoustic transducer technology to obtain a very high resolution acoustic borehole image in any oil/synthetic liquid or synthetic mud system.

Sensor Networks, Inc. offers a product line of permanently installed battery powered ultrasonic sensors which provides remote, wireless data collection of critical piping infrastructure’s wall thickness.

In addition to the three winners, a fourth product submitted by Kelly Rose, a technology, geology and geospatial researcher at the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), was highly praised by the judges/ attendees and was named the Innovative R&D Winner. NETL has developed a cost-effective and near real-time early kick detection system that leverages data obtained from logging while drilling, measurement while drilling or seismic while drilling signals to provide an early warning before the kick ascends to the rig floor.

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