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2017-02-24 / Top 100 Organizations

Mined Minds

Est. 2015

Mined Minds started with the goal of helping one person transition to a new career, a coal miner who worried about how he would feed his family if the mine where he worked closed. He was one of many living in coal towns that had an uncertain future ahead. Also during this time, the software development industry in the United States was expanding with overpriced and scarce talent as hard to come by. Billions of dollars of software development was being outsourced every year in an attempt to find an affordable solution.

By creating tech hubs in rural areas of economic need, Mined Minds harnessed the power of a huge pool of talented and dedicated workers with potential to solve the tech industry resource issue. To develop this skilled workforce of software developers, Mined Minds continues to offer boot-camp-style computer-coding training and paid apprenticeships.

This hands-on training gives students the fundamental knowledge they need to start a career in the tech industry. Mined Minds allows for stackable credentials to be obtained through collaborations with Community College of Allegheny College (CCAC) and Clarion University. Given the financial uncertainty that many students face, Mined Minds seeks to offer full scholarships through both private and public partnerships, including a TechHire program in Pittsburgh with Partners4Work. As well as training unemployed and underemployed adults, Mined Minds offers opportunities to at-risk youth through the West Virginia Mountaineer Challenge Academy.

Mined Minds also runs a software development consultancy, with offices in Pennsylvania and West Virginia to employ graduates and provide quality, affordable software solutions to businesses and government.

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