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2017-02-24 / Top 100 Organizations

JWF Industries

Est. 1987

JWF is located in the heart of natural gas drilling on the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations. In response to changing drilling regulations by Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection office in 2010 that limited the amount of total dissolved solids that could be discharged in waterways, JWF saw an opportunity to develop and manufacture its own products: above ground containment vehicles to temporarily house fluid while transporting it to water treatment plants. JWF began manufacturing a variety of products for the oil and gas industry in 2011 through a newly created division, Environmental Tank & Container (ETC). Today, this division of JWF has 22 product lines, either developed by JWF or through partnerships.

JWF occupies over 1 million square feet in four primary manufacturing locations. Headquarters facilities are located in a former steel mill and adjacent to an international steel service center. Other facilities include a 50,000 square foot machining center, located three miles from the headquarters campus; a 160,000 square foot manufacturing facility for environmental tank and container products, located five miles away; and a 150,000 square foot vehicle integration facility, located 12 miles from the headquarters campus.

Through various industry accreditations, including the ASME welding certification, JWF is defining success in their terms based on their measurements. The company’s documented processes and procedures enable JWF to ensure quality and repeatability. The JWF purpose statement is to allow the employees to succeed while the company aligns on a common passion of finding what the customers want and then giving it to them at a better overall value than anyone else.

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