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2017-02-24 / Top 100 Organizations

Hope Enterprises, Inc.

Est. 1953

As a private, nonprofit agency designed by and for people with disABILITIES, Hope Enterprises turns labels upside down to reveal every individual’s true ability. It is the agency’s commitment to support them throughout their lifetimes and help them reach their maximum potential in the community.

From encouraging their first steps as little ones to giving them the resources and training to act as independent, the Hope Enterprises staff of more than 550 talented employees works tirelessly to provide “HopeAbility” for individuals with disABILITIES.

For over 60 years, Hope Enterprises has continued to thrive on the belief that every life is meaningful and every person deserves equal treatment. With tremendous support from the community, Hope has been able to fulfill its mission and goals.

According to Hope Enterprises, they are proud of their accomplishments but emphasizes that there is always more work to be done. It is the agency’s wish that one day every individual, with or without a disability, can be given unlimited opportunities to achieve and grow and hope.

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