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2017-01-27 / Top 100 People

Rose Cameron

Director of Innovation Strategy

Penn State University

Rose Cameron is a global brand strategist and innovator dedicated to the creation and maintenance of compelling brands. She currently serves as the director of innovation at Penn State in the Outreach and Online Education department, one of the world’s top 50 residential and online universities.

Over the past 25-plus years, Cameron has remained at the forefront of technology, both consumer and business to business. Her first clients included Microsoft, IBM, several tech start-ups, .biz, AT&T, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Sprint and Nintendo. She launched all of Microsoft’s software languages from “C” to “Azure,” covered every division of IBM, and launched Nintendo to new audiences. Her clients have ranged from feisty start-ups to complex global conglomerates.

Cameron’s successes haven’t been without mistakes along the way.

“More is learned from failures than successes,” Cameron said. “As a result, I’m a pretty wise woman. I think of one instance where I was working with McDonald’s and a vendor that I had endorsed fell short. There were many key influencers involved. It was a big exposure. What I learned was challenges happen for a reason. Rather than shut down, I opened up. I became double committed to finding a solution for the client.”

Prior to her career, Cameron received her master’s degree from the University of Glasgow in theatre and cultural anthropology.

She currently lives in State College with her husband, Norbert, an ex-Theravada Buddhist monk and freelance contractor; daughter, Ariana, who is cheerleader at State High; and mother, Marie, who is a fierce poet and bridge player.

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