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2017-01-27 / Top 100 People

Matt Paonessa

Founder and CEO

JMG Systems

Matt Paonessa is the founder and CEO of JMG Systems, a small systems and business process consulting company out of Hollidaysburg, Pa. He started the company in 2011 with his brother to explore the latest technology trends, utilize his experience to develop new products, and also to teach people how to effectively use technology.

Prior to starting JMG Systems, Paonessa worked as a software engineer for government and defense contractors including Raytheon, ESRI and Concurrent Technologies Corp. He left his position to pursue his lifelong dream of pursuing commercial software development.

He enjoys sharing his experience and passion for systems and engineering with other companies and nonprofits to ease the burden on starting a business.

“I get to do what I love by being an advocate for my clients and helping them to make good decisions in a world where technology is changing and evolving at a very fast pace,” Paonessa said. “I’m energized when people get to do what they love and not have to worry about the systems behind the work.”

Paonessa is very concerned with perpetuating the mission, vision and values of his company, as he believes it to be essential in guiding JMG Systems moving forward.

“A company really does need to take the time to formally articulate their identity,” Paonessa said. “Who are they as a company? What are they doing as a company? And most importantly, why?”

Outside of running his business, Paonessa feels grateful to have the opportunity to spend time raising his three young boys with his wife, spend time with his friends and family, and do his “best to serve God” and enjoy his work.

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