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2017-01-27 / Top 100 People

Jordan Gwinn

Director of Operations

Disobedient Spirits Craft Distillery

Jordan Gwinn is the director of operations at Disobedient Spirits Craft Distillery. He moved from Chicago, Illinois to Pennsylvania due to an opportunity to further his educational pursuits and to join his father-in- law and his partner in becoming a part of the growth and development of Disobedient Spirits.

Prior to Gwinn’s current position, he worked in the service industry in Chicago. Before that, he was a beverage director who managed bar operations and created unique wine and cocktail programs for a small, local restaurant group out of Washington, D.C. He has learned throughout his time as a successful service industry management professional that a harmonious life is the key to success.

“Early in my career I operated very independently, convinced that with enough hard work I could accomplish my goals and be successful all on my own,” Gwinn said. “I eventually learned that was in fact possible, but only for a short period. To be truly successful and lead a happy life, I now realize that personal life, business life and community life must all be effectively functioning in harmony with each other.”

To create this harmony, Gwinn is very active outside of work. He is currently working to finish his bachelor’s degree in economics and is also an active community member. He is the current president of the Homer City Business Association, a board member for the Indiana County Tourist Bureau and Indiana County USBC, and member of both the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Indiana. His hobbies include snowboarding, motorcycling and anything active.

He lives with his wife, Liberty; two daughters, Fiona and Georgia; and his dog, Finnegan.

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