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2017-01-27 / Top 100 People

Jeannine Swisher


Swisher Concrete Products

As a high school graduate, Jeannine Swisher never realized that someday she would own her own company in a predominantly male industry.

Swisher Concrete is one of the few concrete block manufacturing companies owned by a women in Pennsylvania and is celebrating 27-years in business.

“I have strived to help other women through my experiences and encourage them to step outside of the box. The career I have at this point in my life has been very satisfying as I currently have 16 full time employees. In essence my workers to me have become an extended family,” she said.

Swisher is active in growing her area’s potential through community work.

“Our community like many others, grows through the people and their ideas to make this community prosper economically and culturally. My involvement in programs like “Habitat for Humanity” keeps me in touch with many community leaders giving me the knowledge of the continuing vision for our area,” she said.

Outside of work, Swisher loves being a mom and has been actively involved with her church and church family for over 30 years. Swisher finds peace in visiting her family in the southwestern part of the country, specifically northern Arizona.

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