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2017-01-27 / Top 100 People

George “Scoop” Sample

President and CEO

Sample News Group

George “Scoop” Sample has 50 years of experience in small-community journalism. His areas of experience have ranged from his hometown of Corry, to the Groundhog Club in Punxsutawney, to Sayre and finally on to Huntingdon, where for the past 25 years Pennsylvania’s “Biggest Small-Town Newspaper Company” has been built from the ground up. Sample News Group has over 75 publications in six states and over 700 employees.

“The joy of newspaper work is something you never grow tired of. Every day, every story you get an opportunity to learn something new and there’s nothing more enjoyable than a story that brings a smile to your reader,” Sample said. “In small towns the role of journalist and community service are one and the same.”

As a company that has experienced rapid growth, from two publications in 1992 to 75 in 2017, from 22 employees to 750, Sample wants to focus on training his team in the future.

“We have not done an adequate job of training our team,” Sample said. “We have 30 small locations spread over thousands of miles, and it is difficult to establish proper job descriptions, goal setting and reviews. Our folks come to work each day wanting to do a good job and it is up to our management team to give the direction that makes us all successful. ”

As the region’s largest media company, Sample also wants to ensure that Sample News Group pushes to make more people aware of the area’s natural beauty and believes that Huntingdon County has the “resources to be the outdoor playground of Pennsylvania.”

Sample is a graduate of Denison University and in his spare time enjoys golf, Penn State football, and spending time with his wife, Marlene, and daughter, Morgan.

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