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2016-09-30 / Front Page

Women Making A Difference 2016

By Spencer Myers

Since the first issue, it has been Women in Business’s goal to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with inspiring editorial on women who have excelled in their field. For the past five years, Women Making a Difference has done just that, making it a natural move from Pennsylvania Business Central to this new publication. We believe Women in Business will serve as the perfect home for this distinguished tradition.

Women in Business would like to first thank the selection committee at St. Francis University for taking the time to be a part of Women Making a Difference. Their business experience has consistently been the key factor in elevating the annual edition to be a meaningful contribution to the business community.

The 36 women in this edition of Women in Business are role models in the truest sense. They are business women who have pushed themselves forward, growing their companies and communities along the way. We are honored to celebrate the achievements of these extraordinary women and are always thrilled to be the publication where all of their collected stories can be read. This year’s list features businesswomen in a wide array of fields, from healthcare to banking to community fundraising.

To show that all careers have small beginnings, we decided to ask each selectee about their first paying job and how it still affects them professionally and personally. The ways these humble beginnings have made an impact on each selectee further exemplifies the fact that people can make a difference no matter what their field. Almost all of their answers come down to one key factor: people. From McDonald’s to First National Bank, no matter what job you choose, how you treat the people around you, both customers and coworkers, is the key factor in deciding whether or not you will excel and whether or not you will enjoy your work.

Nominations for our sixth annual Women Making a Difference edition came from throughout our 23-county readership area and represent a wide array of industries and communities. The nominations were collected by Women in Business and submitted to the St. Francis University Business Development Center for the final selection of the candidates. We then notified each candidate of their honor and worked with them to develop their profile.

The staff of Women in Business would once again like to thank the St. Francis committee members: Angela Seidel, Tricia Giannone McFadden and Nicole Bauman, led by Dr. Randy Frye, Dean of the School of Business at Saint Francis, for assessing every nomination sent in to select the 36 women whose biographies appear on the following pages.

As always, we sincerely hope that if you know any of the women honored this year, you will take the time to personally congratulate them.

Readers currently have a chance to nominate a different kind of trailblazer for our special Foremost Under 40 edition coming out in October. Nomination forms can be found online at under the Foremost Under 40 tab.

See all 36 Women Making a Difference Here

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