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2016-02-26 / Top 100 Organizations

Steel Nation


Headquartered in Washington, Pa., Steel Nation has quickly become the go to design/ builder for all successful natural gas projects. Their main goal is “Safety First – For Life” and are very proud that they did not have any safety violations or incidents in 2015. Additionally, their EMR Rates continue to among be the lowest of any supplier in the O&G industry.

Steel Nation offers three entities to fully service the oil and gas industry

Steel Nation Buildings, Inc., offers design-build of pre-engineered metal buildings and provides the safest, coolest and quietest compressor/transmission/gas processing plants in the energy sector. These services include turn-key construction form foundations, steel erection, electrical and air handling.

Steel Nation Engineering, Inc., offers in-house services including permitting and full interior design of office and occupied spaces. Full-time AutoCAD designers and detailers focus on foundation, HVAC, process flow, electrical, sound mitigation, air handling and other disciplines that are crucial to designing safe and effective natural gas facilities.

Steel Nation Environmental, Inc., centrally located in Canonsburg, PA, is dedicated to supplying the energy sector with quality landscape and erosion control products. This product line contains limestone, gravel, sand, retaining wall materials, drainage systems, erosion control blankets, silt socks, silt fencing, and many other industry specific items.

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