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2016-02-26 / Top 100 Organizations

SEDA-Council of Governments

Est. 1972 / Lewisburg

The SEDA-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG) partnership has played a key role in the economic development of Central Pennsylvania. In 1957, five counties formed the Susquehanna Economic Development Association to address regional concerns. Ten years later, it was designated a Local Development District, a small staff was hired, and in 1968, six other counties joined. In 1972, it became SEDA-COG with a 22-member board of public and private officials. Today, a staff of 99 serve the region in 13 departments.

Its 11-county region has a diverse set of needs, and SEDA-COG has been adaptive and proactive in partnering with its communities to meet these needs. SEDA-COG has weatherized 37,000 homes and recently won an award for helping its communities realize high energy savings. The agency has developed affordable housing in more than 11 counties, including an award-winning transformation of a blighted site into new elderly housing. Other efforts include a Columbia County flood protection project partnership, which will preserve over 700 jobs. The Joint Rail Authority preserves over 200 miles of rail and recently supported clean coal through a track project.

In these efforts and much more, SEDA-COG partners with the public and private sectors to help build a better tomorrow.

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