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2016-02-26 / Top 100 Organizations

Rich Coast Coffee & Tea

Est. 1978 / Lewistown

Rich Coast was founded by Lance Ufema in the summer of 1978. Since then, Rich Coast has acquired 14 other businesses and experienced organic, incremental growth to achieve a status of one of the largest, family owned specialty beverage service companies in the United States. Rich Coast continues to lend a hand to the community as needed and prides itself on fostering career minded youth, hoping that some of the best and brightest that were raised in Mifflin County will stay, or better yet, come back to the area to take on the challenges that face small businesses in Mifflin County today.

There are a number of new products in development and an exciting project that is a little premature to announce. Rest assured, the Ufema family is positioning Rich Coast, and its associated brands, to be the area’s leader in the future of craft beverages.

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